Account History API

Account History API

The history API is available from the full node via websockets.

If you have not set up your websockets connection, please read this article.

Account History

vector<operation_history_object> graphene::app::history_api::get_account_history(account_id_type account, operation_history_id_type stop = operation_history_id_type (), unsigned limit = 100, operation_history_id_type start = operation_history_id_type ()) const

Get operations relevant to the specificed account.

A list of operations performed by account, ordered from most recent to oldest.
  • account: The account whose history should be queried
  • stop: ID of the earliest operation to retrieve
  • limit: Maximum number of operations to retrieve (must not exceed 100)
  • start: ID of the most recent operation to retrieve

Market History

vector<order_history_object> graphene::app::history_api::get_fill_order_history(asset_id_type a, asset_id_type b, uint32_t limit) const
vector<bucket_object> graphene::app::history_api::get_market_history(asset_id_type a, asset_id_type b, uint32_t bucket_seconds, fc::time_point_sec start, fc::time_point_sec end) const
flat_set<uint32_t> graphene::app::history_api::get_market_history_buckets() const