Delayed Full Node

Delayed Full NodeΒΆ

The delayed full node node will provide us with a delayed and several times confirmed and verified blockchain. Even though DPOS is more resistant against forks than most other blockchain consensus schemes, we delay the blockchain here to reduces the risk of forks even more. In the end, the delayed full node is supposed to never enter an invalid fork.

The delayed full node will need the IP address and port of the p2p-endpoint from the trusted full node and the number of blocks that should be delayed. We also need to open the RPC/Websocket port (to the local network!) so that we can interface using RPC-JSON calls.

For our example and for 10 blocks delaye (i.e. 30 seconds for 3 second block intervals), we need:

./programs/delayed_node/delayed_node --trusted-node="" \
                                     --delay-block-count=10 \
                                     --rpc-endpoint="" \
                                     --seed-nodes "[]"