Web Wallet

Web Wallet

The web wallet is a wallet implemented solely in Javascript. It makes use of modern Web development tools and libraries – to just a few:

  • Coffee-Script
  • LESS
  • React-JS
  • WebPack
  • LoDash
  • Foundation
  • Highcharts
  • Mocha

The webwallet (per default) connects to a full node (non-block-producing witness node) on the same host via websockets.


The sources can be downloaded from github.

git clone https://github.com/cryptonomex/graphene-ui

They consist of libraries, a JS-console, and the wallet, as well as other tools.

Installing Dependencies

First, we need to install the dependencies via npm:

for I in cli dl web; do cd $I; npm install; cd ..; done


We now bundle the web wallet into JavaScript, CSS, and HTML assets.

cd ./web
npm run build

The resulting assets can be found in the dist folder.

Testing Bundle

npm test

Live Development

npm start