Asset Market Whitelists

Asset Market Whitelists

An issuer of an user-issued-asset may want to restrict trading partners for his assets for legal reasons. For instance, a gateway for US dollar may not be allowed to let his customers trade USD against CNY because additional licenses would be required. Hence, in BitShares 2.0 we let issuers chose to restrict trading partners with white- and black-lists.


A gateway with IOU G.USD that wants to prevent his customers from trading G.USD against bitCNY can do so by adding bitCNY to the blacklist of G.USD by issuing::

>>> update_asset G.USD "" "{blacklist_markets:[CNY]}" true

Alternatively, if an issuer may want to only open the market G.USD : bitUSD with his asset, he can do so as well with::

>>> update_asset G.USD "" "{whitelist_markets:[USD]}" true


The third argument for update_asset replaces the existing settings. Make sure to have all desired settings present.


Asset Market white-lists work with the following API call:

signed_transaction graphene::wallet::wallet_api::update_asset(string symbol, optional<string> new_issuer, asset_options new_options, bool broadcast = false)

Update the core options on an asset. There are a number of options which all assets in the network use. These options are enumerated in the asset_object::asset_options struct. This command is used to update these options for an existing asset.

This operation cannot be used to update BitAsset-specific options. For these options, update_bitasset() instead.
the signed transaction updating the asset
  • symbol: the name or id of the asset to update
  • new_issuer: if changing the asset’s issuer, the name or id of the new issuer. null if you wish to remain the issuer of the asset
  • new_options: the new asset_options object, which will entirely replace the existing options.
  • broadcast: true to broadcast the transaction on the network

struct graphene::chain::asset_options

The asset_options struct contains options available on all assets in the network.

Changes to this struct will break protocol compatibility

Public Functions

void validate() const

Perform internal consistency checks.

  • fc::exception: if any check fails

Public Members

share_type max_supply = GRAPHENE_MAX_SHARE_SUPPLY

The maximum supply of this asset which may exist at any given time. This can be as large as GRAPHENE_MAX_SHARE_SUPPLY

uint16_t market_fee_percent = 0

When this asset is traded on the markets, this percentage of the total traded will be exacted and paid to the issuer. This is a fixed point value, representing hundredths of a percent, i.e. a value of 100 in this field means a 1% fee is charged on market trades of this asset.

share_type max_market_fee = GRAPHENE_MAX_SHARE_SUPPLY

Market fees calculated as market_fee_percent of the traded volume are capped to this value.

uint16_t issuer_permissions = UIA_ASSET_ISSUER_PERMISSION_MASK

The flags which the issuer has permission to update. See asset_issuer_permission_flags.

uint16_t flags = 0

The currently active flags on this permission. See asset_issuer_permission_flags.

price core_exchange_rate

When a non-core asset is used to pay a fee, the blockchain must convert that asset to core asset in order to accept the fee. If this asset’s fee pool is funded, the chain will automatically deposite fees in this asset to its accumulated fees, and withdraw from the fee pool the same amount as converted at the core exchange rate.

flat_set<account_id_type> whitelist_authorities

A set of accounts which maintain whitelists to consult for this asset. If whitelist_authorities is non-empty, then only accounts in whitelist_authorities are allowed to hold, use, or transfer the asset.

flat_set<account_id_type> blacklist_authorities

A set of accounts which maintain blacklists to consult for this asset. If flags & white_list is set, an account may only send, receive, trade, etc. in this asset if none of these accounts appears in its account_object::blacklisting_accounts field. If the account is blacklisted, it may not transact in this asset even if it is also whitelisted.

flat_set<asset_id_type> whitelist_markets

defines the assets that this asset may be traded against in the market

flat_set<asset_id_type> blacklist_markets

defines the assets that this asset may not be traded against in the market, must not overlap whitelist

string description

data that describes the meaning/purpose of this asset, fee will be charged proportional to size of description.

enum graphene::chain::asset_issuer_permission_flags


charge_market_fee = 0x01

an issuer-specified percentage of all market trades in this asset is paid to the issuer

white_list = 0x02

accounts must be whitelisted in order to hold this asset

override_authority = 0x04

issuer may transfer asset back to himself

transfer_restricted = 0x08

require the issuer to be one party to every transfer

disable_force_settle = 0x10

disable force settling

global_settle = 0x20

allow the bitasset issuer to force a global settling this may be set in permissions, but not flags

disable_confidential = 0x40

allow the asset to be used with confidential transactions

witness_fed_asset = 0x80

allow the asset to be fed by witnesses

committee_fed_asset = 0x100

allow the asset to be fed by the committee