Bitcoin Pre-Sale

Bitcoin Pre-Sale

If you have bought MUSE/NOTE token from the pre-sale paying bitcoin to the address:


all you need to get access to your MUSE/NOTE token is the private key associated with the address that was used to send the bitcoin to that address above. We will here assist you in how to obtain the correct private key in the correct format from the bitcoin wallet you used.

Unless you know which Bitcoin address you have used specifically to participate in the pre-sale, we need to identify it in order to extract the correct private key. If you already know the used address, you can skip this section and go over to actually exporting the corresponding private key.

  1. Identify your pre-sale transaction in the bitcoin client you used to participate in the presale
  2. Copy&Paste the transaction id
  3. Go to either the a block explorer of your choice and display the details for your transaction id
  4. Copy and paste the first address used to pay for the transaction
  5. Then export the private key of that address using your bitcoin client


  1. Search for your transaction id using
  2. Click on the first address on the right hand-side
Identify first input
  1. Copy&Paste the full address
Copy&Paste Address

Now we are ready to export the private key(s) from your bitcoin wallet: