Importing Your Balance

Importing Your Balance

Using the Console Client (advanced users)

The wallet backup file can be imported by

>>> import_accounts <path to exported json> <password of wallet you exported from>

Note that this doesn’t automatically claim the balances.

Claiming Balances

For each account <my_account_name> in your wallet (run list_my_accounts to see them)::

>>> import_account_keys /path/to/keys.json <my_password> <my_account_name> <my_account_name>


In the release tag, this will create a full backup of the wallet after every key it imports. If you have thousands of keys, this is quite slow and also takes up a lot of disk space. Monitor your free disk space during the import and, if necessary, periodically erase the backups to avoid filling your disk. The latest code only saves your wallet after all keys have been imported.

The command above will only import your keys into the wallet and will not claim your funds. In order to claim the funds you need to execute::

>>> import_balance <my_account_name> ["*"] true


If you would like to preview this claiming transaction, you can replace the true with a false. That way, the transaction will not be broadcast.

To verify the results, you can run::

>>> list_account_balances <my_account_name>

Manually claim balances

Balances can be imported one by one. The proper syntax to do so is:

>>> import_balance <account name> <private key> true

But I always import my accounts and then use the GUI to import my balances cause it’s way easier.