Installation/Confguration of Witness

Installation/Confguration of Witness

Fork the BitShares-Core code base

git clone bitshares-core-testnet
cd bitshares-core-testnet/
git checkout testnet

Installation according to Building from Sources


Blockchain Parameters

The blockchain parameters can be modified in the libraries/chain/include/graphene/chain/config.hpp file:

vim libraries/chain/include/graphene/chain/config.hpp

Default Seed Node List

We can add a default list of seed nodes that the witness is supposed to try to connect to in libraries/app/application.cpp and will add the IP/Address and port of the machine we are going to setup later already:

The full changeset can be seen in the corresponding git commit

Initial Compilation

cmake .

We first need to compile the project so that we can let it generate a plain genesis file in the proper format.