Establishing a Committee

Establishing a Committee

Our network, of course, needs a committee. We need to initialy create new accounts and let them apply as committee member.

Creating members

create_account_with_brain_key com0 com0 faucet faucet true
create_account_with_brain_key com1 com1 faucet faucet true
create_account_with_brain_key com2 com2 faucet faucet true
create_account_with_brain_key com3 com3 faucet faucet true
create_account_with_brain_key com4 com4 faucet faucet true
create_account_with_brain_key com5 com5 faucet faucet true
create_account_with_brain_key com6 com6 faucet faucet true

Upgrading members

Since only lifetime members can be committee members, we need to fund these accounts and upgrade them accordingly:

transfer faucet com0 100000 CORE "some cash" true
transfer faucet com1 100000 CORE "some cash" true
transfer faucet com2 100000 CORE "some cash" true
transfer faucet com3 100000 CORE "some cash" true
transfer faucet com4 100000 CORE "some cash" true
transfer faucet com5 100000 CORE "some cash" true
transfer faucet com6 100000 CORE "some cash" true
upgrade_account com0 true
upgrade_account com1 true
upgrade_account com2 true
upgrade_account com3 true
upgrade_account com4 true
upgrade_account com5 true
upgrade_account com6 true

Registering as committee member

We can apply for committee with create_committee_member:

create_committee_member com0 "" true
create_committee_member com1 "" true
create_committee_member com2 "" true
create_committee_member com3 "" true
create_committee_member com4 "" true
create_committee_member com5 "" true
create_committee_member com6 "" true

Voting with faucet account

All we need to do know is vote for our own committee members:

vote_for_committee_member faucet com0 true true
vote_for_committee_member faucet com1 true true
vote_for_committee_member faucet com2 true true
vote_for_committee_member faucet com3 true true
vote_for_committee_member faucet com4 true true
vote_for_committee_member faucet com5 true true
vote_for_committee_member faucet com6 true true